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rachel13's Journal

9 February
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ac/dc, acting, advent children, aldous huxley, alexi laiho, american head charge, american idol, anne mccaffrey, breaking benjamin, bubble gum ice cream, bubble gum soda, cats, cheesecake, children of bodom, chinese food, chocolate soy milk, computer games, computers, conan o'brien, cookie dough, cookies, cream soda, dead like me, enemy at the gates, esp guitars, ewan mcgregor, fallout, fallout 2, fear factory, fender, final fantasy, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, finding nemo, foreign languages, gamecube, german, german food, gibson, guitar, guitars, guns n' roses, guy pearce, guys, halo, hard rock, harry potter, harvest moon, heavy metal, hot chocolate, ice cream, illusionz, internet, jack in the box, jackass, james hetfield, joachim witt, johnny depp, jones soda, jrotc, key lime pie, killswitch engage, kirk hammett, kittens, m*a*s*h, marilyn manson, mario party, marshall amps, megaherz, mesa boogie, metal, metal gear solid, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid 3, metallica, mmorpgs, mocha frappuccinos, money, morrowind, moulin rouge, mountain dew, movies, mozart, music, musicians, my ipod mini, my xbox, nintendo, nirvana, opeth, oregon state university, orlando bloom, orson scott card, paintball, philosophy, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, playing the guitar, playstation 2, powerman 5000, ps2, psychology, rammstein, red vs blue, richard kruspe, rpgs, scott weiland, seattle, sex, shakira, slash, sliders, snowboarding, sobe, soul calibur, south park, splinter cell, star wars, star wars galaxies, starbucks, static-x, stephen lynch, stone temple pilots, strawberries and cream frappuccinos, system of a down, the clash, the matrix, the misfits, the ramones, the simpsons, the sims, the sims 2, till lindemann, tivo, turkey sandwiches, tv, university of washington, uw, velvet revolver, video games, vin diesel, warcraft iii, wolfsheim, world of warcraft, x play, xbox