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I was able to get the exact classes that I wanted for next quarter, which makes me very happy. I'm taking a philosophy class and a composition course that is linked to it. Which means that my homework will be the same for both classes and the philosophy class counts as a writing class, so I'll only have to take one more writing class after next quarter, which is great, becuase I hate writing essays.  The essays for this class should be interesting and easy to write because the topics the class will cover are: Does God exist? Are we truely free? and What, if anything, makes and action right? I really hope we have class discussions too because I love arguing with people about that kind of stuff. Today was also good because I got a 85/100 on my PFD (the practice physical fitness test for ROTC). I couldn't take it las week because I had not done 8 PT sessions yet because of the whole DODMERB ordeal. You need 75 points to pass, so I consider 85 to be good for me because I am incredibly unathletic. Unfortunatly I had a calculus midterm today and I have no idea how I did. The problems were obscenely long, so there was a lot of room for error, and you couldn't really tell if your answer looked right.

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