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I got an Air Force ROTC scholarship that will pay $15,000 in tuition for 4-years, plus $510 a year for books and a $250 monthly stipend!! Now I can go to the University of Washington! I'm so excited! I thought for sure I was going to be stuck going to OSU, because the first time my application went before the board I did not recieve a scholarship. I was shocked when I found out that I got the good scholarship that they only give out to 15% of applicants. Now I can go to the school I want to go to. I won't be stuck living in boring Corvallis. Now I just need to work on my physical fitness, I can almost meet the requirements, but I want to greatly exceed them, which I'll probably be able to do if I work out every day for the next four months. I also hope that I don't somehow get medically disqualified. I don't know of anything that's wrong with me, but there could be something.
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